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I like to share with the visitors my love of the city, its beauty and the remarkable quality of life it offers

Vancouver is the city where I live by choice, not the result of the hazard of life. It is one of the reasons why I like to share my love of the city, its beauty and the remarkable quality of life it offers with the visitors.

Born in France, I went to school and university in Paris.

My professional career, mostly in banking, started in Paris, then continued in New York City. I was later transferred to Panama to open a branch serving the Central and South America. That implied extensive traveling to all the various countries of this continent. Montreal was my next assignment.

After 9 years in Quebec, my wife and I decided to relocate in BC to get close to her family. We have been residents there for the last 20 years and we have enjoyed every day ever since.

My wife is a well-recognized tour director, active in leading tours all across Canada. After my retirement, she induced me to also get involved in the field of tourism. Through my professional and personal life, I have acquired a large experience of traveling. I have always liked meeting people of various origin, background, culture. I try to adjust the tours to what I perceive as the main interests of my audience.

Dual citizen of France and Canada.

Fluent in French and English. Casual language in Spanish.


I do local tours in English and occasionally in Spanish but the tours in French are the one I like best.

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