Your journey begins with a convenient hotel pickup in a comfortable mini-coach. The trip to the rafting base takes 2 hours so you will have plenty of time to take photos, share them with friends online and even have a good nap before your adventure.

The adventure itself begins at RAFTING base at Yale, BC. At the base, you will be met by local guides who provide safety rules before the start of the activity. You will get your personal life jackets, helmets, waterproof bags and paddles (in case of paddle rafting). Rafting requires people to participate and listen to the instructions from a guide.

You will start the journey and continue on along the river challenging its rapids.

Depending on the season and water level conditions the river trips are generally held on different rivers and on different boat types: PADDLE and POWER rafts.

PADDLE RAFTS require to work in a team to run the rapids by paddling together.

  • Swimming ability is necessary,
  • The minimum age is 12-15 years old (depending on water level and previous experience).

POWER RAFTS are equipped with an outbound motor and have a bigger capacity of travelers.

  • Swimming ability is not necessary,
  • The minimum age is 8 years old (accompanied by an adult).


Located in the Coastal Mountain range, the Nahatlatch River is best in the early season when water levels are up. Considered one of the best whitewater runs in the province, the Nahatlatch is a demanding river with fast continuous action. A double run of this challenging river makes this trip ideal for the active paddler.


The Coquihalla River is the gorgeous dark green river that winds through the jagged mountains in the Coquihalla Canyon. The river may look familiar to Rambo fans as one of the scenes of the “First Blood” movie was filmed right here!
During your trip, you will be able to enjoy the tour to ”Othello Quintette Tunnels” that is a part of the historic Kettle Valley Railway.

FRASER RIVER (July-September)

The Fraser River is the longest river in British Columbia and famous for being a Gold Rush river in the 19th century. You will always remember this trip along the Mighty Fraser River, one of the rafted whitewater in the continent of North America.
During your trip, you will be able to challenge the rapids at Scuzzy Rock, China Bar and even more. Pause midway for a well-deserved rest after conquering the unforgettable rapids at Hell’s Gate.

You will also make a stop in a spectacular place to have delicious lunch made with healthy, fresh ingredients and expertly prepared by the guides.

The rafting trip approximately takes 6-7 hours.


  • Bathing suit, shorts, T-shirt
  • Polar fleece, acrylic or wool top (warm when wet)
  • Wind-proof rain jacket and pants
  • Running shoes and wool socks
  • Sunscreen (or sunblock), brimmed hat and sunglasses
  • Retainer or string for glasses
  • Camera
  • Complete change of clothes for the end of the trip