Sturgeon is a unique fish species that lays claim to being the largest freshwater fish in North America. The Fraser River is the only place where you can see and catch such giant sturgeons. From ancient times the white sturgeon has been a precious fish: by the 20th century, the sturgeon population had been decimated and almost driven to extinction until the catch and release law was established so that killing sturgeon became illegal. Nowadays sturgeon is a protected species and must be released after being caught. The Endangerment Law allowed sturgeon to be plentiful in our rivers.

We are proud to contribute to the sturgeon conservation policy as these prehistoric animals have lived since the Dinosaurs Times and have remained almost unchanged for 175 million years. We consider fishing as a competition with a strong rival that will be proudly and honorably released.

The white sturgeon claims to be a real monster: the largest sturgeon caught in the Fraser River was 3.72 m long. The average fish is 2-2.5m. It’s hard to believe but the white sturgeon is a true long-liver: its age may reach 100 years! The Fraser River is the place where you are able to encounter these giants and have a record catch.  Fishing lasts for the whole year round but the best season for sturgeon is from March to November.

The tour starts with us picking you up from your hotel in Vancouver. It takes about 1 hour 30 min to get to the area of the Fraser River where we usually fish. We offer complimentary Wi-Fi onboard the vehicle so you will be able to stay online during your whole trip.

As soon as you arrive you will be amazed by the surrounding beauty of the rugged mountains and the powerful river. It is the longest river in British Columbia that rises in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. The close position to the Pacific Ocean provides a mild climate and perfect conditions for being one of the most abundant rivers with regards to fish.

There’s no need to worry about the details of the tour: the license and all equipment are provided by us. Once you arrive you will be met by a local professional fishing guide. We work only with the best fishing guides who have years of local sturgeon experience and are passionate about fishing. The professional jet-boat accommodates up to 5 people and is led by a fishing guide who is aware of the best locations for fishing. The guide may give you recommendations about the fishing or just be a good pal to talk to. You will also be accompanied by your private guide.

During your trip, you will be served with a BBQ lunch prepared by one of the guides or yourself (if you want). Lunch may be served either on the boat or on the shore.

After sturgeon fishing, we will take care of your transportation to the hotel or other attractions that are available in the area. Please see our extras to ADD TO YOUR TOUR to make it even more eventful.

Please be advised that we cannot guarantee a 100% catch, but we do guarantee our extreme effort to have a good one in the conditions of wild nature. Relying on our experience, we have always had a catch during this fishing tour on the Fraser River, however, this does not rule out any exceptions.

Our BBQ Lunch includes the specialties of Canadian Cuisine:

- Grilled Salmon on Cedar Board. This Canadian method of salmon cooking makes fish tender and moist thanks to famous Canadian maple syrup;

- or Grilled sausages and bratwurst;

- For sides, you will be offered: vegetables, spinach dips, potato salad and bread;

- Water, soft drinks and local craft beer. Please let us know if you prefer to add strong liquor and wine to the menu for an additional charge.

 Please note that it is highly recommended to notify us of any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have (the form is available during the booking process).

- We recommend having swimwear because most of our fishing tours take place in summer-time (June-September), so it may be quite hot on the river;

- To avoid sunburn, we recommend having a long-sleeve shirt;

- Bring warm clothes with you just in case. Even if it’s August, temperatures can be much lower on the water especially in the morning, so come prepared. (e.g. fleece jackets);

- In case of bad weather our company provides SIMMS waders, river boots and raincoats;

- Comfortable footwear is recommended: once you get the huge sturgeon, you will want to take a picture with the fish in the water. Please note that walking barefoot on the river pebble bottom is not comfortable. In this case, we recommend having beach footwear (e.g. Crocs, sandals);

- Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats;

- Photo / Video cameras.