The white sails of the Cruise Ship Terminal have made it a prominent landmark for the city.

The most highly acclaimed shopping street in Vancouver with many shops and restaurants and yes, interesting history as well.

A real oasis in the city. All 400 hectares of this urban park are yours to explore. A favorite place for locals and tourists with numerous tourist attractions, including Totem Poles and Prospect Point.

also called First Beach, stunning views of the ocean and its surroundings, a real “wow” factor!

This urban park boasts beautiful views, botanic displays, and, in the spring, the famous cherry-blossom trees.

This marketplace has the must-see sights of the city: street musicians, unique gifts and lots of exotic produce. Enjoy the sights (and aromas) of many art galleries, shops, restaurants and cafes.

Third largest in North America and first in Canada, very vibrant and authentic, totally amazing. National Historic Site since 2011.

This is where it all began with just a barrel of whiskey. Very cozy, yet modern and sophisticated, it is hard not to fall in love with this part of town.

Please note that your guide may choose to change the itinerary based on traffic conditions, local events, or emergencies.