The tour to Victoria and Butchart Gardens starts with picking you up at your Vancouver hotel by your private local guide (who may also be your tour driver). Please note, it is important to be in the hotel hall on time so that you won’t miss the ferry. The bus (or the car) will arrive in the Tsawwassen Ferry terminal by the time of your departure. The ferry offers a lot of onboard facilities such as a buffet, a restaurant, a coffee shop, souvenirs shops and even free Wi-Fi.

Situated on Vancouver Island, Victoria City is the capital of British Columbia. The island has been the home of aborigines, the local people. Many aboriginal families inhabited the southern part of the Island and were divided into several groups depending on their dialects. Some geographical names still carry the First Nations unique character. When in 1871 British Columbia became the 6th province of the Dominion of Canada, Victoria was announced to be the capital of the province. Today victoria is an educational, tourism and political center of British Columbia. The city is proud of being the heritage site of Canada striking with its blend of wild nature and the image of a modern “British” city.

Victoria is famous for being the “City of Gardens”. The streets are decorated with flowers, trees and small parks so that it seems you are in a huge garden with some elements of a city. Our first stop will be made in the distinguished Butchart Gardens where you will be able to see various kinds of plants and flowers depending on the garden part you are in.

The excursion in the Butchart Gardens is followed by the tour to the BC Parliament and acquaintance with the old building of the beautiful Fairmont Hotel.

One can first think that our tour is about culture, architecture and history, but Victoria has a lot more to offer. In this city, full of British spirit, you will be able to encounter the wild nature and get closer to it. We always carry food for the inhabitants of Victoria Wharf. The seals attract visitors to feed them and represent a significant part of our versatile Victoria Tour.

By the end of the tour, your guide will take you to the Victoria Ferry Terminal where you will head for Seattle. Please note, that this voyage requires appropriate documents to enter the USA.

Seattle is the largest city of State Washington. The city is often called “Emerald City” thanks to the lush evergreen forests growing in the state. Despite the city is not an actual capital, however, it is the cultural and economic center of North-Western America. If you choose this tour you will have a chance to see the famous Space Needle, to get acquainted with the stories of the financial giants as Amazon and Microsoft and have a cup of coffee in the world-first Starbucks café.

Before the departure, your guide will give you recommendations on how to get to your hotel in Seattle. Please be advised, this tour does not include accommodation, transportation and travel services in Seattle. If you want us to make a tour or to book a hotel for you in Seattle, contact us.


  • Ferries and Fjords. One of the largest ferry operations in the world, BC Ferries provides sailings between Vancouver and Victoria which takes about 90 minutes. During this time we will leave the vehicle on the lower vehicle deck and move up to the comfortable passenger decks to enjoy the scenic views, fjords and dark blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Butchart Gardens. It all started over a century ago and now it is the number one attraction in Victoria. Five absolutely spectacular gardens await you to stroll through them. We guarantee you will be in total awe after this visit.
  • BC Parliament. The legacy of a very talented English immigrant architect, Frances Rottenbury. On some days, it is possible to get inside the Parliament Building (time permitting).
  • Fairmont Empress. An over 100-year-old hotel which is just about to have its renovations completed.
  • Inner Harbour. One of the most beautiful harbours in the world. During the summer months, the harbour is the focus of festivals, shows and music.
  • Sightseeing Route. Most tour companies will take you to Victoria by the quick highway route. We believe it is much more enjoyable to take the longer, scenic route with views of the Cascade Mountains, snow-capped Mount Baker, a stop at some scenic cattle point and other great experiences. It is quite a drive. Relax and enjoy!
  • Seals. Playful, cute, and curious! A must-see up close. Food for feeding these amazing creatures will be provided. Be sure to have your cameras ready!
  • Ferry to Seattle – Enjoy the scenic voyage and explore the home of world-famous coffee chains, the city of big industries, star people and amazing nightlife.



  • ID
  • Dress in whatever you like to feel comfortable;
  • Photo and/or video cameras;
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen.