Your adventurous excursion starts from Vancouver Harbour at Canada Place where you will take a fascinating flight to Victoria Harbour by a seaplane. It takes only 35 minutes to get to Victoria but gives you new emotions and impressions.

Your seaplane arrives in Victoria’s Inner Harbour where you will take a boat ride to encounter the whales. Your whale watching tour will last a minimum of three hours and you will have various stops within the protected waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Haro Strait.

While exploring the marine wildlife, the boat will move in the position allowing you to make outstanding photos of whales and other sea creatures. The excursion is led by a local, English speaking adventure guide who will enrich your understanding of the stunning marine wildlife and natural wonders of this destination.

After a 3-hour whale watching tour, your boat will arrive at Victoria’s Harbour where you will have two more hours to stroll along the city’s charming streets, have lunch and shop for souvenirs.

You will depart from Victoria’s Inner Harbour by a seaplane that will take you back to Vancouver’s Downtown.


  • Seaplane to Victoria – enjoy scenic panoramas of Vancouver and Victoria from the bird's-eye view,
  • Whale Watching – discover vibrant, seldom-seen marine life,
  • City of Victoria - have a walk in the most British city of Canada.



  • Please have your personal ID prepared before checking in for your flight.
  • We recommend having a jacket in case of wind or rain. Bring warm clothes with you. Even if it’s August, temperatures can be much lower on the water, so come prepared.
  • Be prepared for sea-sickness: take the medication with you. (We recommend to have pills with you even if you have never experienced sea-sickness)
  • Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.